John Barrowman!
Or is it Captain Jack Harkness?

The atmosphere was electric as a time-machine, intriguingly disguised as a Mercedes people-carrier, mysteriously (not very mysteriously - the visit had been arranged!) materialised in front of our house. The suspense grew in the silence as we waited for life forms to emerge from this strange machine. (Have I got a future as a sci-fi writer?) After what felt like seconds (actually, it was only seconds) a foot emerged, and placed itself firmly on the ground. Then another foot emerged, which looked strangely similar to the first. Then another pair... then another pair! John, partner Scott and sister Carol and arrived! Then dogs Major and Lewis bounded out for a bit of a run-around with our Phoebe. (Which, adding together all the feet then gathered, made the staggering total of 20!)

John had managed to find time in his busy filming schedule in nearby Cardiff - where the next series of both 'Dr Who' and 'Torchwood' are in production - to drop in and make sure that the sizes of life jackets he chose would fit perfectly.

There's quite a difference in size between John's two Cocker Spaniels. Perhaps surprisingly, 12 year old Major (a big cocker) and two year old Lewis (a little cocker) were both best-suited to our 'Medium' size life jacket (the 'Large' size also fitted Major, but not quite so well).

And then - at the slightest signal from their leader, who spoke in an accent which came from a far-off land said something which sounded like: "OK, let's go". At which instruction, the occupants, with no more familiarity than handshakes, and hugs, and warm words, reboarded the time-machine and vanished. They were gone; the adventure was over.

Just one small trace of their visit remained. Where the time-machine had stood could be seen a pool of strange, glutinous, liquid. And it remains there to this day, never fading, never drying, always a bit sticky; a permanent counterpoint to the transience of time...

I hope John gets the oil sump on his time-machine fixed.

If you too would like to bring your pooch for a personal fitting before you buy you're very welcome. Please just email me to arrange a convenient time. As Leslie Crowther (goodness me, all this name-dropping!) used to say: "Come on down, the price is right!" 

Last updated: 26 March 2015

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