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Close-up of a 'Classic' life jacket - and Phoebe!Gain the peace of mind of knowing that you've taken every reasonable precaution to protect your dog against the obvious risks associated with water-based activities.

Increase the chances of your dog (or cat) surviving by using a life jacket.

Whilst most dogs are at least reasonably strong swimmers, there are innumerable reasons why the dog may need further help to survive. What led to the dog being in the water? If he was knocked in, or perhaps rough seas threw him in, then your dog may be injured or in shock. Either of these reasons can hugely compromise the dog's ability to swim effectively. Also, the cold temperatures of the UK's waters will quickly erode the dog's energy levels - particularly in relation to older dogs - leaving him exposed to the merciless sea.

In a crisis, besides adding to your dog's buoyancy the life jacket will also dramatically increase heat-retention; together these two factors may substantially increase the time available to effect a rescue. The life jacket's integral grab handle will make your dog an easier target for securing by hand or boathook whilst, if the calamity happens at night, the luminescent quality of the jacket will enable your dog to be more easily spotted in the dark, heaving seas.

Perhaps the other most obvious benefit of a life jacket is for those dogs which are using hydrotherapy - or other water-based treatment - as an aid to recovery. A jacket maximises the benefit of such treatment to the dog.

Be prepared for the unexpected - buy your dog a life jacket now!

Or you can hope the worst won't happen...

Elaine Davis of Macclesfield bought two of our dog life jackets and has given permission for us to publish the (unsolicited!) email she subsequently sent.

Hi Ian,

Received life jackets, thank you.

I was thrilled with them. I had purchased 2 last Thursday from ********* (our asterisks, don't want to offend anybody!) but when I saw yours for sale they looked so much better quality. Hence, I returned ********* ones when I received yours. Yours were far better quality than I had seen anywhere.

I liked the fact that I had the option to exchange them should they not fit. You were very helpful and although the sizing was a difficult choice it was put in such a way that I found it very, very useful. Congratulations on your sizing list. It must have taken hours to figure out but it's so accurate. (If the jacket's too long on the back your pooch can't sit down properly.) Not only quality jackets but brilliant service from you.

The jackets are just quality through and through. They are even good for these dark wet nights so our pooches are seen in the dark and also insulated from the cold! I took them out tonight in them and they look great. You sure could see them in the dark. They look so trendy.

I'm a very satisfied customer... although Molly dog is not impressed with hers she's got no choice, she's wearing it in the house for a few minutes at a time to get her used to it. She will get used to it cos it's so light. And Ellie pup loves hers.

They are fabulous.

We are just starting to go canoeing so I know they will be safe and warm. They are our children to my husband and me so I want the best, and I got it. Thanks to you.

Receiving emails like that makes life worth living!

We hope you enjoy the site - and thank you for visiting.

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Well, I'll be

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It's always a pleasure to hear from owners of amputee dogs with particular questions about our life jackets. Generally, a rear leg amputation isn't a problem. A front leg amputation may require customisation of a jacket. In these cases we're happy to send extra panelling - here's how we've helped in the past. We're small enough to care!

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What's this?

Help please!

We snapped this pooch at a show a while ago, but now can't remember what breed the lady owner said it was!

I've got it in my mind that it's a north American breed, or maybe there's a north American aspect to the breed's name, but that could just be a red herring. (No, I know it's not a red herring!) If you can identify the breed, please email us here!

Crick Festival 2008

The umbrellas given out to exhibitors at the Crick Festival 2008 bore a slogan saying: "Having fun in the rain!" - doubtless intended as an ironic reference to the bad weather of previous years. It didn't seem very funny to us as once again the heavens opened and the skies emptied onto buy1or2.com's poor little stand!

Me at Crick!

In the photo two of buy1or2.com's dogs-bodies shelter from the rain. One is half-soaked, the other fully-soaked; both are well and truly stuffed!

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