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The outer features of our dog life jacketsIn the only-known survey of pet flotation devices, Whole Dog Journal has awarded this style of dog life jacket "Four Paws" - their top rating.

The design of these life jackets enables fast size adjustment of a resilient product ensuring a flexible, comfortable fit, protecting your dog from both cold and heat.

Buoyancy is provided by three high-density expanded polyethelene (EPE) panels fitted along the jacket's length. Two additional EPE panels are located under the dog's head, raising it above the body and keeping it clear of the water level.

The jackets are designed to float your dog in a horizontal swimming position. The dog's own body shape, with most weight distributed at the rear end, allows the body to tilt, further raising the head above the level of the body and clear of the water level. Unlike many other kinds of buoyancy aids on the market these jackets provide an even level of flotation along the dog's back, offering enhanced comfort and support.

The high luminosity orange fabric offers high visibility whilst additional reflective strips enable identification in poor visibility conditions.

The inner features of our dog life jacketsThe jackets combine three different deniers of fabric with velcro panels and plastic snap-click fastenings to offer the optimum combination of security and comfort. The sophisticated, breathable panels which fit around the dog's tummy use a combination of neoprene and terylene, designed to shed water quickly, thus avoiding distressing over-heating and chafing and ensuring a comfortable experience for your dog.

Chest and neck straps are fully adjustable and feature tough self-fastening velcro panels. Located over the velcro panels, the quick-release snap-click fastenings create an extra layer of security, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your dog is safely secured within a double-closure.

The D-ring, conveniently fitted just in front of the grab handle, can be used to attach a leash or length of string, enabling your dog to be secured on deck (even better than being able to haul your dog out of the water is stopping him getting in in the first place!) or on a river-side walk chasing a stick thrown into the water whilst you have the reassurance that - if necessary - you can tow him back to the bank.

A bemused-looking lab takes time off from our Gloucester Boat Show stand to go up in the world. (Relax - it's a model!)

The grab-handle can be used for lifting smaller dogs directly out of the water. Larger dogs may prove too heavy to lift completely (remember how much heavier a dog may become when its coat is wet through!); use the grab handle to retain contact with your dog (maybe using a boat hook or length of rope) while you manoeuvre it into a position where is can be safely returned to dry land.

To make sure a poo-bag is always to hand, the jacket has a cute little flapped pocket - big enough for a small stock of emergency bags!

The life jacket can be worn with a collar or over a harness (if you plan to use it over a harness, remember to allow for the harness when you're measuring your dog's chest).

After-care: These resilient life jackets can be either hand rinsed in cool tap water or machine washed in a normal 40 degree wash, then tumble or hang dry.

To view a movie showing just how simple it is to fit one of our jackets to your dog please click here

Spares pack included!

Every jacket is supplied with two replacement fasteners! One two-part fastener is conveniently attached as a permanent docking station on the jacket - so where the jacket goes, a spare fastener goes with it!

And we supply a second replacement fastener too! You'll probably never need to use either one of your spare fasteners - but it'll be worth its weight in gold if your do! Relax knowing that you've got a spare readily to hand. (No need to go hunting for a DIY store!)

What you don't see won't hurt you - but it could hurt your dog

Section through a 'Classic' life jacket panel

Most dog life jackets contain one slab of buoyancy material in each panel. The photo above shows a section through one of our jackets, showing the three layers of buoyancy material contained in each of our jacket panels. One of these three layers is stitched into the seams of the panels, ensuring that the buoyancy material remains spread over the entire jacket.

The remaining two layers 'float' within the panel, not only creating naturally champhered, comfortable, panel edges but also, by use, increasingly taking on the shape of the dog. In this way our jackets will offer your dog both effective long-term buoyancy and comfort. You'll probably never see this sophisticated panelling system - but you'll be very comfortable knowing it's there!

Last updated: 11 October 2016

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