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The 'Dinky' and 'Dotty' 
dog carry bags

BRAND NEW in packaging
complete with our own factory tags!

Buy direct from the importer!

Despatch today - delivery tomorrow!

Now, where you go your pooch can go - in your 'Dinky' or 'Dotty' dog (and cat!) carry bag. These carrier bags raise the term 'pampered pooch' to a completely new level! Introduce your pooch to a whole new world in absolute safety - shops, cafes, chilling with friends, travelling on buses and trains... where you go your pooch goes!

A Pink Princess!And anytime you're just out walking your dog, with the carrier over your shoulder you'll have peace of mind knowing that - if a problem is encountered - you can quickly pop your pooch safely out of harm's way.

Free gift with every 'Dinky' or 'Dotty' bag - 
a Pink Princess car aerial ball!

Usually for sale for a few pounds -
yours for nothing more than a laugh!

Last updated: 28 January 2010

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