The 'Dotty' carrier bag

The 'Dotty' bag!

This carry bag is surely the cutest, most gorgeous-est bag in the world! We've found the prettiest pink and magenta and lilac dotty fabric, enhanced it with pink panelling and picked out those pretty colours by contrasting them with white backgrounds and black straps and fastenings. This carry bag is so cute that just looking at it makes you want to smile!

Lots of people have asked us: "How come it's called the 'Dotty' bag?" It's a compression of the words 'dog', 'overthetop' and 'carry' - dotty. Clever, huh!

The stunning 'Dotty' carry bag is manufactured in a fully-washable, cotton material (it's the usual 30 degrees hand or machine wash) and is suitable for a wide range of breeds including:

      • Chihuahua
      • Pomeranian
      • Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)
      • Maltese
      • Papillon
      • Toy Poodle
      • Pekinese
      • Toy Spaniel
      • Shih Tzu...
      • you've got the idea by now!
      • Also cats!

Take a look at the 'Dotty' bag!The montage alongside illustrates lots of the features of the 'Dotty'.

The main image in the centre shows how the 'Dotty' looks when it's zipped closed (except there's no dog in it!). Visible in the dotty-pink side panel is one of the two zipped pockets for storing doggie bits-and-pieces (don't forget to keep a supply of doggy-do-bags handy!). And just look how well-padded it is!

Top left of the montage (A) shows the 'Dotty' unzipped. Visible inside - hanging down just behind the front opening - is the elasticated restraining clip; fasten it to your pooch's collar and there's no risk of a runaway! (Particularly relevant for excitable cats - we don't want any escape dramas, do we!). Also visible is the removable, reversable, reinforced base (illustrated with its dotty side up).

Top right of the montage (B) shows the black PVC underside of the 'Dotty' - perfect for hiding marks and wiping clean!

Bottom left (C) shows the 'Dotty' with the removable, fabric-covered, base taken out and placed under the carry bag (to aid understanding we've shown both sides of the removable base). One side of the removable base is dotty and the other side pink. It's completely reversable, so you can have uppermost whichever fabric you prefer. One end the removable base can be zipped open (the zip is the black edging you can see in the photo), enabling the luxuriously-padded reinforcing material to be removed before the fabric is washed.

When the outside world isn't sufficiently interesting to retain your pooch's interest, the lavishly-padded bottom and sides of the 'Dotty' enable your pooch to sit or lie down in complete comfort (we know you'll want your pooch to be nice and comfy!).

And finally, bottom right (D) is a photo of just the most lovable little quizzical yorkie - included for no better reason than to give this page an "Ahhhh, how cute is that!" feeling!

The 'Dotty' carry bag not only looks gorgeous - it even feels gorgeous! The dotty-outside, pink-inside fabric is padded with a truly luxurious 2cm (0.75") of thick, soft, foam.

The design of the 'Dotty' shows that everything has been thought through - every detail makes sense. For instance, there's a zip-close pocket on each side of the carry bag; so whether you choose to carry it on the left or right, the contents of the pocket (whatever it may be, and we're talking about dogs here!) won't be pressing against you. Simply brilliant! And all the zips are nylon so they won't deteriorate through washing.

Fully-adjustable strap lengths: The 'Dotty' is completed with two black shoulder straps which can be adjusted to the exact length that suits you! For wearing over the shoulder, at their maximum length the shoulder straps have a generous 54.0cm (21") centre drop. For carrying handbag-style the centre-drop can be reduced to a minimum of 28cm (11"). The straps are made using a textured material to maximise their grip on your shoulder - so you're not forever having to battle with another slipping shoulder strap! The insets in the main photo above show the 'Dotty' being carried with the straps at the maximum and minimum extensions. If it helps with your assessment of how cool the 'Dotty' will look on you, the young lady in the photo is 160cm (5' 3") tall.

The 'Dotty' is very flexible; whilst it has the rigidity to remain erect on its own (the photos above don't use any props), it readily compresses down for easy storage until it's no more than the thickness of its material.

The measurements at the base of the 'Dotty' are:

Length: 40.0cm (15.5")

Width: 21.0cm (9.0")

Height: 24.0cm (9.5")

Diameter of opening for head when zip fully closed: 10.0cms (3.5")

In the same way that dogs are wider at the bottom than they are at the top, the carry bag also tapers towards the top.

Length of closing zip: 38.0cms (15.0")

The 'Dotty' carry bag is manufactured in a fully-washable, cotton material (it's the usual 30 degrees hand or machine wash). Marks can be easily sponged off - we discovered just how easily when we were on the photo-shoot for the pics above and someone spilt coffee on the bag we were about to photograph! Panic! Everyone knows how quickly coffee can stain white material. A minute's dabbing with a dampened tissue and all traces of the coffee had disappeared (just look at the photos!).Phew!

Incredibly light weight: An extra piece of good news is the minimal weight of the 'Dotty'. Typically, pooches which fit in the 'Dotty' carry bag can be expected to be in the weight range of 1.8 - 3.5 kilos (4 - 8lbs). This carry bag will add just 600 grams (1.25lbs) - about the weight of a small bag of sugar! This really is remarkably light - we've seen carry bags made to a similar style and size which weight three times as much! When you've been carrying a pooch around town all afternoon you'll realise that every gram counts! You won't find a lighter carry bag than the 'Dotty'!

And don't forget - free with every 'Dotty' bag is a Pink Princess car aerial ball!

Your Pink Princess - for free!

To be sure you're not wasting your time, measure your pooch. Is its height from shoulder to floor 17.5cms (7") or less? It is?? What are you waiting for?! A Dotty bag at a dotty price - and no rip-off with the shipping either! Start shopping now!

Last updated: 28 January 2010

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